It's time for transit riders to come together.

London is about to embark on more than a decade of growth in our transportation systems. If we get things right, we'll emerge a truly multi-modal city in which driving, biking, walking, and taking a bus are all equally enjoyable options.

This progress is important, and riders and transit-friendly citizens need a place to come together so that they can have a strong voice in decisions and bust the stigma around being a bus person.

The aim of the LTRA is to bring a community of riders together while working cooperatively with transit providers and the City of London to promote, improve, and support public transit.

We hope you'll join us as a member, a supporter, a volunteer, or even a Director on our board.  

Join the LTRA

Memberships aren't officially open, but you can pre-register now. You'll be able to opt out later if you choose.