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  • In 2020, we will make London, Ontario the first Fare Free Transit city in Canada.

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    Fare Free Transit is a growing worldwide movement to eliminate user fees for public transit in order to combat the climate crisis, address affordability and mobility challenges, increase urban intensification and quality of life, and reduce congestion and the need for expensive and never ending road construction. For decades, London has significantly underfunded our public transit system. Now, it is time for London to lead.

    We, the undersigned, call on our City Council, London Transit Commission, and other stakeholders, to work with us to make London, Ontario the first Fare Free Transit city in Canada.

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  • Fare capping / Pay-as-you-go Passes


    In some cities, rather than buy a transit pass for the day, week or month, a person can pay for individual fares and when they've paid the equivalent of a pass in fares, they automatically have a pass.

    So, a London example could look like: Say a person qualifies for the discounted $52/month bus pass, but can't afford to pay for the pass all at once. They pay 2 individual fares on the bus each day for 14 days. ($1.90 x 27 = $52.65) Since they've now paid the equivalent of a pass, they're able to ride "for free" for the remaining two weeks of the month.

    In other cases, it would simply be a way to keep transit flexible for people whose schedules aren't always predictable, and help people to stop worrying about conserving tickets/transfers and just use the bus to get around the way they'd like.

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