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London Transit Riders Alliance
179 Dundas Street,
London, Ontario Canada
N6A 1G3

Amanda Stratton is a founder of the London Transit Riders Alliance, working together with a group of citizens to find a first Board of Directors that will incorporate the LTRA as a non-profit organization.

Amanda can be reached by email at or
by phone/text at 226-237-7375.


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  • Jodie
    Why has this idea faded away? Councillor Phil Squire is the only one on-board. Barely anyone has heard of it. What next? How do you suppose we even get free transit when city council just approved a 18% increase, with NO public input, just like magic, voted & approved!!

    Somewhere I read there are 14 cities in North America with free transit. How do we actually make it happen??? Not on paper – in real life!!

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