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London Transit Riders Alliance
179 Dundas Street,
London, Ontario Canada
N6A 1G3

Amanda Stratton is a founder of the London Transit Riders Alliance, working together with a group of citizens to find a first Board of Directors that will incorporate the LTRA as a non-profit organization.

Amanda can be reached by email at [email protected] or
by phone/text at 226-237-7375.


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  • Andre' Fournier
    Hi my name is Andre’ I am the president of the london transit union, ATU 741.

    I am reaching out to see if we can all work together to get through this covid 19 pandemic. Should have reached out earlier, my apologies.

    Right now we are circulating a petition to get Minister of Finance Bill Morneau to do the right thing and make sure all transit properties in canada are funded with stimulus packages to help not just employees of transit, but the passengers as well. We can’t lose our public transit systems.

    Could you please sign the petition and share the link. Let’s keep transit going!

    Thank you!
  • Jodie
    Why has this idea faded away? Councillor Phil Squire is the only one on-board. Barely anyone has heard of it. What next? How do you suppose we even get free transit when city council just approved a 18% increase, with NO public input, just like magic, voted & approved!!

    Somewhere I read there are 14 cities in North America with free transit. How do we actually make it happen??? Not on paper – in real life!!

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