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  • We are in a climate crisis. To cut emissions, we need to get people out of cars and into electrified rapid transit. Free transit will help, but we also need to implement the full rapid transit program as envisioned by London’s previous city council.

    I spent a few decades in Toronto. I took the streetcar to work in the morning and came home by subway and I could move around the city faster than any car driver. Many of my co-workers from outlying regions rode to work on the Go train. My boss caught the earliest subway to work from north Toronto to avoid the massive traffic jams on the Don Valley Parkway and the high fees charged by downtown parking garages. He only used his car when he had out-of-town appointments.

    Here in London, we need vastly improved municipal and regional mass transit and we need to quit building highways and suburban sprawl over some of the richest farmland and most beautiful natural areas in the world.

    Wake up, London!

    In 2020, we will make London, Ontario the first Fare Free Transit city in Canada.

    GOAL: 346 signatures

    Fare Free Transit is a growing worldwide movement to eliminate user fees for public transit in order to combat the climate crisis, address affordability and mobility challenges, increase urban intensification and quality of life, and reduce congestion and the need for expensive and never ending road construction. For decades, London has significantly underfunded our public transit system. Now, it is time for London to lead.

    We, the undersigned, call on our City Council, London Transit Commission, and other stakeholders, to work with us to make London, Ontario the first Fare Free Transit city in Canada.

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